Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lazy like a Sunday morning

I haven't stepped foot outside today. It's not very often that it rains for the entire day in Maui. But from early this morning, while I lay in bed listening to the downpour, and trying to keep my eyes closed for just a little bit longer - all the way till a rather soggy hasn't let up for a minute.

So I stood inside and looked at my slippas gathering water and thought about how this is good training for England.

Owing to my unplanned exodus from my house yesterday, and subsequently missing out on our usual Saturday video date, Pete and I made up for it today with a shorter (but still lovely) Sunday date. He was wearing his Christmas jumper, and drinking cider and making me miss being there so much. Sigh...... hurry up countdown!

We got to talking about his recent knowledge discovery of the leprosy colony on the island of Moloka'i. He was without a doubt as shocked as I was when I first discovered that such a thing is actually still in existence. I mean, lepers were in the Bible for cripes sake! They aren't something we should be running across in our current society! Nonetheless, an I-used-to-have-leprosy-but-now-I'm-healed (but still deformed) colony exists on the island right across the bay from me.  I told him I would do some research into it because lord knows his Dad is going to want to know all the details once he gets a whiff of this. But I can promise you one thing, we won't be taking a cruise over to that island during our honeymoon!

We're still discussing our options for the reception venue. Right now we are considering both the West Glebe Pavilion and Beanfield Community Center. No, they aren't grand and opulent - but hey - neither is our budget.  It's so frustrating living on the other side of the world and relying on a man to gather all of the information. But so far he's doing a decent job of it. I gave him some minor guidelines:

* No low ceilings. I don't want to feel like I'm in the windowless basement of some church.
* There has to be a bar and a kitchen available since we'll be doing a lot of our own food prep.
* We need to be able to hang lanterns from the ceiling and have candles on the tables. Make no mistake....there will be no balloons present at our wedding reception. Not one. This will be neither a child's birthday party nor a retro eighties party. And as such, there will be no crappy balloon arch in site. Full stop.

Other than that, I'm not picky.

Today is the last day of February. Tomorrow I'll be turning the calendar page and looking at the exact month that brings my Fiance to me! Could life get any better!  Joy, joy, joy!

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