Sunday, June 27, 2010

Are you even kidding me????

The most RIDICULOUS thing just happened to me.

I went shopping up the town centre today. I was sifting through the racks in this one store and finally found something which is remotely my style. (I say finally, because it's no secret that British fashion and I aren't the best of friends. I pretty much want to run screaming from everything I see on the shelves here. Not because I think I dress better than anyone here. Just very different.) Anyway, I finally found a little sun dress I wanted to try on.  I headed back to the dressing room where I was greeted by a smiling teenager.

"Would you like to try that on?" she asked brightly, even though it should have been obvious.

"Yes, please".

She reached out to hand me three pairs of panties. "You will have to bring these in with you."

"Ummm. What?"

"You have to bring in four items, and you only have one item to try on, so you'll have to take the panties into the room with you."

(pause.....) "Haahaahaaa!!!"

She didn't laugh with me. Hmmmm. Apparently this isn't a joke. But I thought I'd try again anyway.

"You're joking, right?" I asked. "I only want to try on one item. Just one. Just this dress."

Her smile was gone by this point. "I need to count how many items you have when you come out of that room, so you need to take four items in with you."

(I couldn't help this next bit....I really couldn't....)

"And you can't count to ONE?"

At this point, unsurprisingly, I get a hard glare and the panties are shoved into my chest. "These are the rules for the store. Do you want to try on the dress or not?"

I tried on the dress. But not the panties.

It probably took her three whole minutes to count the items when I came out. Tough stuff, this one to four business.

Have you ever heard of anything quite so ridiculous? Yeah, me neither.


Nanny Adventures said...

OMG, i was just laughing my ass off, when you told her she couldn't just count one. What a f**ked up rule! Here take some panties with you so you have more stuff to carry. How very ridiculous, did you laugh at her more. I can not believe that. Did you buy the dress? They certainly do thing weird in England.

brookemaui said...

That sounds like a pretty ridiculous store policy. You have to wonder, though, why this policy was initially implemented. Because there had to be a series of incidents beforehand, right?? Right??
Or maybe the Brits are just backwards on a few things, like the side of the road they drive on and their dressing room policies. Will we ever know the truth? :)

Linda said...

My goodness ... after all that, did you buy the dress?