Thursday, June 24, 2010

A trip to the coast....and my very awesome new thing.....

Ok, so about two weeks ago my hubby and I pilled into the car with my in-laws for a trip to Great Yarmouth on the eastern coast of England. It was a few hours drive full of green countryside views, good conversation and a bit of music. Not for the first time I reminded myself how lucky I am that I find my in-law's company so agreeable. We spend a lot of time with them and I enjoy them ever-so-much. 

Anyway, off to the coast we went. We stopped at the northern boardwalk and had a bit of a wander down the strip.None of us were up for going on any of the rides, but we enjoyed the sights. Afterwards we stopped in at a fish and chip shop for some sea-side fish which was delish!

People trying to walk around in giant bubbles on a swimming pool. Ummmm......ok.

A wind farm out in the water. I've never seen one like that before!

My handsome husband with his Mum

Me, dressed in my very British leggings, with my Mom and Dad in law

Ok, so the reason we drove to the coast in the first place was to pick up a very awesome new addition to my life...... my new car!  Well, it's not's a 2002, but it's new to me. It's a Fiat Punto Sporting with after market Lexus lights, booming stereo installed, bluetooth enabled (which means I can talk handsfree in my car because the phone call comes through my cool is that!), and alloy wheels. It cost me a grand total of 800 pounds. (That converts to $1,191 US dollars) I won't have car payments because I bought it outright. I'm totally stoked on it. What do you think??????

Isn't it cute?   I love it!!!!!


Nanny Adventures said...

Your car is awesome! I love the steering wheel on the other side it looks so funny! I can't wait to be a passenger in your car soon. It is lovely! I am so proud of you buying your first Britain automobile~ The bubble thingy looks like fun, i would totally try it, but i am crazy. Love the leggings! Hope all is well, how can i call you? Do i need to get a calling card?

Linda said...

CONGRATULATIONS ... Love this car for you! But, uhhhhh the steering wheel is in the wrong place ... or have you noticed? Teehee.