Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hold your breath

Sorry I've been so quiet......the wedding reception is zooming up in just three days. I have SO much I'm trying to do everyday. Don't mean to ingore you all.....just way busy.

Things to look forward to when I return next week:

1) I finally got my wedding photos in the mail. I'll let you all know where you can go to view them.

2) I have a running list in my head of things that I love about England. I'll write about them.

3) I also have a list of things that do my head right in. I will definitely be waxing on about those little buggers as well.

4) I'll have new pictures from the reception party to share!

5) I have an AWESOME new thing in my life. I can't wait to show and tell.   :)

Again, sorry for being so preoccupied with the reception party. I am making most of the food for the buffet, as well as most of the decor, so I've been a busy girl. 

Talk soon!!!


Linda said...

Am anxious to learn about your AWESOME new thing in your life ... Have a wonderful, wonderful time at your reception. I am so very happy for you. Love, Linda

Nanny Adventures said...

I am so excited you finally got pictures! Cant wait to get my hands on one of those puppies! What is the awesome thing, a job! Hope all your cooking came out great, i know it did. Loook forward to see pics of the fam and the party. miss you lots!