Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A long weekend catch-up

Today I finally had my appointment at the bank. I am now the proud owner of my very first UK bank account. Yippee. It only took one hour twenty minutes to set it up. Yep. That's right. 80 minutes to set up an account. They asked me loads of questions, right down to what are my favorite pastimes and hobbies. Ummmm, why do you want to know?  Riiiiiidiculous.  Anyway, it's sorted now.

Pete picked me up from town on his way home from work so I wouldn't have to hoof it all the way home. To say thank you, I made him sailsbury steak for dinner. He'd never heard of it before, but he sopped up his whole plate, so me thinks he liked it. Being in a new kitchen, with new ingredients and an oven that cooks WAY differently than what I'm used to.....let's just say successful dinners are things to write home about. I'm super pleased whenever I have a win in the kitchen. :)

Unfortunately, it was back to work today for Pete....we had a bank holiday yesterday, we had three whole days at home together. Lovely. We worked on the hallway a bit, tore out some of the ceiling and opened it up a little. Sounds drastic, doesn't it?  Next weekend we will make good the walls, sanding them down and doing a bit of plaster work. After that we'll throw up some liner paper and I'll get to work painting a fabulous mocha color. I'll be sure to post pictures when it's all done.  Also this weekend, I found a little under the counter freezer in Friday Ads (like Craigslist, but a UK version). It was super cheap and I was longing for a second freezer for all the goodies I want to eat. So we bought that puppy up in a quick hurry and it is now sitting in a little tucked away cubby in my kitchen - already half full. :)

Tonight is the second night of Britains Got Talent semi-finals. Whoop whoop! Pete and I like to sit there together and make fun of comment on all of the acts. Usually we record it so we can go and take our baths (this IS England, after all) and then we make ourselves some desert, cuddle up on the couch and press play. A lovely night in.

Sigh......is this heaven?


Nanny Adventures said...

How wonderful that you can take a bath with your husband! I wish I could do that with mine!... If only the bathtub was big enough. You need to post a pic of what your oven/stove looks like. Sorry I haven't posted on my blog for a while i have been so busy with work and what not, but i havent forgot about you. Miss you lots!

Linda said...

It definitely looks and sounds like heaven! Love, Linda