Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A belated birthday surprise

One of the fun things my hubby planned for my birthday weekend had to be postponed due to me feeling less than well that weekend. It was rescheduled for this last Sunday and I figured I would post a few pics to show everyone.
Pete didn't tell me where we were going, so I had no idea how to dress. But it was scorching hot outside, so I wasn't going to be wearing much! I decided on a skirt and a tank and crossed my fingers that it would be appropriate. After a short drive we pulled into the gates at a local historic house, I was well impressed just by the gatehouse and the grounds, but at the end of the drive, this is the sight that greeted me:
Gorgeous, no? Pete had booked us in for High Tea in the courtyard. :) We found our way inside and picked a table in the sun (as Pete says, when the sun shines in England, you don't hide in the shade!). We were brought finger sandwiches, a selection of small cakes, scones with clotted cream and of course a huge pot of the most delicious tea I've ever tasted. It was divine!
After tea, we walked around the hall and checked out the grounds....

A very fine surprise!!! I love living here! Just the fact that something like this is here for me to enjoy....what an amazing thing!


Brooke said...

Corie, it looks like you're having an amazing time across the pond (or, rather, two ponds from where I stay). :) Glad you're having a blast and things are going well! Keep updating, I love living vicariously through you! Aloha! :)

stocks said...

Sounds like a wonderful birthday surprise. The pics are great! You are in a wonderful place in your life right now and live it up to the fullest! Miss you.