Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Last Supper....

I took Linda out tonight - to say thank you for her over-the-top generosity in letting me crash at her place while I'm waiting on my flight out. She's been more than nice to me! We went to a lovely restaurant called IO's which is on the water front in Lahaina town. It features all organic cuisine which is grown here locally, and the food is AaaaMazing. We both ordered the Filet Mignon which was served with sour cream and chive mashed potatoes, steamed root vegetables and three oh-so-scrumptious sweet potato "chips". The steaks were swimming in a red wine reduction glaze and were cooked to perfection. So tender it was a crime.
We split a desert. I can't even remember what it was called....but it was delicious! I ate most of it. Because we all know how much of a heifer I am when it comes to sweets.
Lucky us....there was a Luau going on right next door, so we got to listen to some great island music and watch the hula dancers, but didn't have to sit through the crap luau food. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! We had a nice gab about life and this awesome new adventure I begin tomorrow. She's just as excited for me as I am! I'm so glad we went out....a lovely evening all around.

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Linda said...

Dear Corie,

As you know, on the computer, I basically CRS ... no, that's incorrect. It's not that I can't remember ... I never knew ... still don't know. Anyway, long story short, hope you can read this and are extremely well and HAPPY!

Read your 'blog' this morning as I've been thinking so much about you and it was so sweet, it made me teary-eyed.

Sent you an email the morning, or so, after you left and kept thinking about where you must be now, which plane, where and finally the long HALLWAY once you arrive in London.

Fanny got a haircut yesterday and took pictures. Will try to get them on my computer and send to you.

My brother has his surgery tomorrow and all is looking good. Will keep you informed.

My best to Pete and love to you,