Wednesday, May 19, 2010

a colorful, sunny day....

I freely admit, my new garden needs a bit of work. Ok, more than a bit. What it really needs is for me to spend about three days out there weeding, cutting back, planting and mowing. But I'm one of those sad fools who doesn't know the difference between a weed and a non-flowering plant. Ugh.

So I'm waiting for my MIL to come over and walk me through everything. In the meantime, here's a shot of her immaculate, colorful, gorgeous back garden. This is where I go to have lunch....Isn't it inviting?

I'm not going to embarrass myself by posting a photo of mine quite yet...but I do love me a spot of color in the house, so I like to have vases full of beautiful stems. One of my absolute favorite things about living here is the flower shops. Look what you can get for two pounds!

Ok, so there's a small glimpse of my back garden, but whatever. Can you believe those purple flowers are two weeks old! The amazing never dying flowers of England. :)

Its supposed to get up to 23 degrees today. I'm walking up to the shops today to take advantage of the delicious sun. I might even wear short sleeves! Whoop whoop!

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Nanny Adventures said...

Ok, so I had been checking to see if you were alive on your blog like everyday since you left. For some reason your new post didn't register when I checked last. I am glad you are enjoying yourself with your new husband and house and MIL. I miss you so much. Hope it warms up over there. It has been in the 80's all week. I will have to post pics of my garden soon. Please email me your address! I added you to my gmail account, so we can chat sometime. Talk to you soon