Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Letters I can't send.....

Dear fellow airline passengers,
Please explain what is so challenging about exiting a plane that has just taxied to the gate. I do not understand why you all just stand there, nor why it takes eons to grab your bag from the overhead bin. This really shouldn't be so complicated. There's only one door. Move towards it.



Dear fellow post office customers,
Seriously. You need to fill out the forms before you get to the window. If you haven't got your stuff ready to go, you should kindly remove yourself to the back of the queue. As it happens I don't want to watch you tape up that box. And no, I don't think I should have to wait behind you while you write out that graduation card to your niece who just finished school. Get out of my way.
I mean, seriously people.



Dear previous landlord,
You suck. Trying to charge me for a light cover which was missing before I even moved into the place is fourteen shades of wrong.


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