Saturday, May 1, 2010

The final countdown

Ok, so I bought my plane ticket. I fly out on Wednesday afternoon. But can I just tell you....I'm freaking out! This means I now have only three days left before I leave Maui for good. Three days to finish all of my packing, give away everything else, sell my car, shop for my final island goodies, close my accounts, finalize my bills......
Sheesh. I am going to be a busy girl.

But in the end it will all be worth it. Actually living with my husband will be such a treat after all of this time apart.

As part of my personal goodbye to Hawaii, I'm doing some of my favorite things one last time. Here's my island indulgence for today:
Mmmmmm. Shave ice! I got my usual three flavors: Dreamcicle, Coconut and Pina Colada. Of course I had the ice cream on the bottom. Yum to the E. Gawd I'm going to miss the shave ice! I want to go to Leilani's again for one last fish taco. But I don't think it would be the same without Danielle. I would feel lonely eating there alone. So I'll probably skip that experience. 

I did pick up one of those little garden spinner things at the shop on front street though. It will look fab in my new English Garden. :)  

Tomorrow I need to drive to the other side and pick up a few last minute things. Pete is insisting that I ship out some coffee. Actually, he didn't have to twist my arm on that one. I'm sure I'll go into shock when my Kona Coffee supply dries up. The longer I can stretch that out, the better. What else.....Oh, I have sixty dollars worth of credit at Elise, so I need to go in there and find something to use that up. Hopefully I find a sixty dollar ring or something. I can't really fit anything else into my suitcases right now. :-)

Trying to remember all of the little things you do when you move. I'm sure I'll forget something big. Ooooo.... I gotta remember to cancel my Netflix. If you can think of something I'm likely to forget...let me know.

I'm frazzled and stressed......but I'm SUPER happy.


Brooke said...

If you ever need a Kona coffee refill - well, I do happen to live in Kona. :) Just lemme know and I'll send it to you in the post. :)

Corie said...

Ooooooo!!!! I will take you up on that for Defo!!!! I will send you yummy choco bars in exchange. :)