Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dear Maui.....

Dear Maui,
It's been real. It's been fun.
Your beaches suck compared to Kauai. And the boys here aren't very smart. But my god, you do put on an excellent sunset now and again. The view from Haleakala is killer, the fish tacos pretty much rule the world, your whale population kinda rocks, and the weather is somewhat acceptable as well.

I have a feeling, no matter where else in the world I end up living, I'll never see signs like these again, so at least you have a sense of humour.

Here's some of my favorite island pics.....

So long, Maui. You will be missed.


Linda said...

Where are you? What's happening? Trying to 'wait patiently' to hear any ... yes "ANY" news.

Blake said...

getting a little worried. did you make it OK?