Monday, April 12, 2010

A cornucopia of awesomeness

Would you look at that?!?!?!

My FABULOUS girlfriend Danielle mailed me all of that goodiness and it was waiting for me upon my arrival back to Maui. What is it, you ask? I shall describe.

First up we have two huge bags of cinnamon bears. It came to our attention recently that cinnamon bears are (apparently) a regional treat. You can find them easily in certain parts of the US, and they are completely non-existent in others. (Who knew?) In fact, when I asked some locals both on Oahu and Maui where I could go to buy a bag, they had no idea what cinnamon bears even were.  Danielle to the rescue. They are definitely hitting the spot!

And the other bit of fabulousness in the photo is three (That's right......THREE!) tubes of the most fab color of lipstick that has ever been invented. Flirt brand, color crave, number 12. It is only sold at Kohls. And as we all know, Kohls has yet to grace the shores of Hawaii. So I have been hoarding my last remaining smudge on the stick I still had from my mainland days, bringing it out for only the most special of occasions. But now with this abundance, I can wear it whenever I want to! I am well chuffed!

Much Mahalo to you, Danielle!!!!!

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