Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools Day update.....

Pete's finally here!   Joy!
We spent yesterday walking the boardwalk down to blackrock. Then we ate fish tacos at Leilani's. (which were AWESOME). We of course had to have a huge slice of Hula Pie as well, which completely shot my wedding dress diet and now I'm starting to freak out that I'm going to fit in it. (calm down, Corie)

After some shopping in Whalers Village we headed home and watched movies. Or rather, I watched a movie....Pete dozed off. He's still not quite settled into the time zone....but he's getting there.

Today we were supposed to do a zip-line adventure down the mountain, but we got a call telling us it was far too windy up there. Which is fine I suppose...I'd sooner not die in a freak zip-line accident. We've postponed it for a few days and I hope the wind cooporates on that day. Tomorrow we're flying to Kauai for the wedding, honeymoon, and all around adventure having.

So far, it's been awesome having him here! And it's only going to get better. I'll post pictures as soon as I get some.

Oh.....I forgot to say.....during the walk to black rock, I got a frickin sunburn on my shoulders. What a dumb ass I can be. I spend six months avoiding the sun so that I have no tan lines for the wedding. And then four days before hand, I go out and get some. What a loser.


Nanny Adventures said...

Can't wait to see the pics from the wedding!!! that sucks about zip-line, hopefully when you get back from kauai you can do it. Did you tell pete that i gave you guys the gift. Also let me know when the cinnabears arrive. miss you.

Corie said...

Of course I told him, silly! It was a GREAT wedding present!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!