Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Our first wedding photos!!!!

Ok.....here they are! Finally.

I'm super duper pleased with our choice of photographers. She had us doing all sorts of fun poses and activities. If the two teaser photos she sent us are anything to go by, I'm sure I'll love the rest of the pics.

I wanted one or two good shots to hang on my wall for the rest of my life. But in total, we had an hour and a half of non-stop camera clicks and I'm thinking that I'll probably have a hard time keeping it to just one or two. Hahaaa

We ended up getting married on Shipwreck beach. It was Pete's first choice, and in the end, it was the ONLY beach we could use. It was raining everywhere else. Go figure. But we ended up being really pleased with the location. The water was a gorgeous turquoise blue, the sand was white and warm, the sunset was mango to match my flowers, and because it was slightly cloudy, we didn't have to squint in any bright sunlight...... couldn't have asked for more.

And for those of you wondering....you probably won't be able to tell it from these photos, but I went with the vintage button clip in my hair instead of the tulle flower. :)   I had purchased a bracelet and fancy earings to wear with my dress. But they were forgotten on the counter at home by mistake. (Woops.) Oh well!

Tell me what you think of the photos, wont you?


Nanny Adventures said...

The pictures are awesome, fantastic and priceless! I love the one of pete carrying you on his back, how fun! can't wait to get a pic for my wall of you two.

Smocha said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

Brooke said...

They're so loverly! :) Looks beautiful, Corie, and looks like you and Pete had a great time. Congrats again - to many years of happiness to the two of you. And, hopefully we'll celebrate in person one day on the shores of the UK! :)