Thursday, April 29, 2010

The mad rush of April


There has been SO much that has happened this month. A wedding, a honeymoon, saying goodbye to my husband, quitting my job, applying for a spousal visa, moving out of my apartment.......I think the only life change I didn't experience this month was popping out a kid.

I just didn't have time to fit that in.

Anyway, the final move out day for my apartment is tomorrow. I'm going to be crashing at my friend's house for a few days. Well, until the British Consulate deems me worthy of entry into England, that is. If everyone can cross their fingers for me that the decision comes sooner rather than later, I would be ever so grateful.

It is strange how my existence can now can be summed up in the grand total of four suitcases and a carry on. Talk about purging! Salvation Army can open a new wing in their building now, thanks to me.

More that I am an unemployed homeless woman, I'll have more time to post. :)

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