Monday, March 29, 2010

Last minute choices

If you can believe it, I still have not decided what to do with my hair for the wedding. I will NOT be rocking an up-do. I'm not a fool - it's a beach wedding, and there's likely to be some wind.

But I do have two accessories that I'm debating between. They are both made to be worn on one side of the head, just above the ear. One day I'll be convinced that I'm going with one, and the next day I'm dead set on the other. I suppose it will all depend on which way I'm leaning on that particular Sunday.

Here's my two choices: 

The flower - which matches the material of my dress
and the sparkly one - which matches Corie Style. hahaa  (this is actually a vintage button that I re-purposed into a hair clip)

Anyone have any opinions one way or the other?


Smocha said...

Both are gorgeous. It would be hard to choose :)

Brooke said...

That's a tough choice, and I don't want to sway you one way or the other if you don't think it'll go (I haven't seen the dress) but I have to say, when I saw that second one I thought that that was totally something you would wear. Don't know if that helps, and I can see that you already named it "Corie Style," but that's my story and I'm sticking to it. :)