Sunday, March 28, 2010

An AWESOME thought....

Can you believe it????

One week from today, I'll be getting married.

Whoop Whoop!!

Pete flies into Maui on Tuesday evening. We'll spend a couple days here before we hop over to Kauai for the wedding and our long awaited honeymoon. I'm getting so excited!

Last night I set up a rebtel number* for Pete's parents. That way we can call them right after the wedding to share our happiness. My new Mum called me on the number just to see if it worked, and we had a quick chat. It's amazing to me how I can talk to Pete all day long and never even notice (anymore) that he has an accent.  But Mum was saying things like "smashing" and "lovely" and I had to listen really hard in order to understand everything. I realized all over again how different this whole experience is going to be for me.

And it all starts in a week!

*rebtel is a website that lets you call abroad for FREE! (and I love free!)

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