Monday, March 22, 2010

My dirty little secret

It is rather embarassing how much I miss the internet when I can't access it.  I'm ridiculously dependent on it. For example:

What can I do with this half box of elbow macaroni I have on my shelf?
Answer from google recipes: Make goulash (it was fabulous!).

Why does my car engine make a boiling sound after I've driven to the other side?
Answer from google?  Because I have air bubbles in my coolant system. (ummmm, I'm not fixing that)

Who is this Snookie person that everyone keeps talking about?
Answer from google? Some chick who fist pumps and is famous for doing absolutely nothing (ok, this one was a waste of perfectly good internet search time)

At any rate, over the last couple days, I've been away from home. I was house/dog sitting for a friend while she took a mini-break to Kauai. And damned if my laptop couldn't access the internet from her house. I was lost.  So instead I was forced to read a book. (I chose Sophie Kinsella's Undomestic Goddess, which was actually quite enjoyable despite being utterly predictable) And I watched a few called "in a day" (which was crap) and one called "the private lives of Pippa Lee" (which was so-so). 

But because I'm so addicted, I did keep a running list of all of the items which necessitated googling when I finally arrived home. Here's some of the stuff I missed out on knowing the instant it popped into my head:

1)  Can I grow a cherry-blossom tree in an English garden?
2)  How do you get playdough out of carpet?
3)  What day in April did Easter fall on in the year 1985?
4)  Does anyone on Ebay have a wireless mouse for sale now that mine took a crap?
5) What does the new Zooey Deschanel CD sound like?
6)  Did anyone else who watches BBCA enjoy the second series of Survivors?
7)  Where is Upper Makamaka'ole Falls?
8)  When does the American version of The X Factor start?
9)  Can a dog give you a sore throat virus just by breathing on you?
10) Which length bob would look best with my face shape?

Shockingly, I made it all three days without knowing those things. Amazaballs, I know.

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