Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Feeling naked

(something's missing!)

When we first got engaged, I decided that I didn't want an engagement ring. Nothing about it really appeals to me. I don't like how the raised stone catches on every stitch of clothing/bedding/carpet that it comes within a 2 meter radius of.  I don't like how my beloved wouldn't be able to hold my hand without scratching his fingers. I don't like that everytime I'd knock my hand against something I would be afraid the stone might fall out.

Like I said....nothing about it appeals to me.

Well....I'm not opposed to the shiney bit.
But I don't need it.

So I picked out an absolutely stunning silver band which I fell in love with the first time I laid eyes on. I had taken it into the jewelers to be sized two weeks ago. And let me tell has been torture being without it. Which is enormously silly - because, since it's not an engagement ring, I haven't even been wearing it. It's just been sitting in its fancy little box.
But that fancy little box was in my very own top drawer in my very own dresser in my very own bedroom. And for some reason I felt really anxious for it to be back in there.

So you can imagine how fast I drove when I received the phone call today that it was ready for pickup. And....squeeeee!!! The ring fits perfectly! For one blissful hour I allowed myself to wear my soon-to-be wedding ring, imagining how wonderful it's going to be to look down and know that I'm Pete's wife. It was a fabulous sixty minutes.

But after my hour was up, the ring came off. And now it's all tucked up safe and sound in my top drawer once again. Hard to imagine, but if it's possible, now I'm even more excited for my wedding day to arrive.

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